carlsen vs. kramnik

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    Carlsen-Kramnik was the least interesting of the four games today. It seems that Carlsen's strategy is to draw against the +2800s and beat up on the fish.

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    If that's the case, then his openings really do need work. Bf4 virtually guaranteed a quick exchange of pieces leading to a draw. They could have agreed to a draw on move 15 if the rules had allowed it.

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    Given the importance of these matches, along with the heavens giving Kramnik two Blacks...and Carlsen the two strongest players to start, I would say Kramnik would be very happy with two draws to start. Magnus must also be content in his position as well, one would guess that he really could not have planned any charge with white, facing those two.

    I agree that carlsen's best chances will be against the fish to come.  

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