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Carlson - Anand

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    Is anybody watching this game right now? Carlson played the Shabalov/Shirov attack vs. the Slav and now (as of move 21) has a very nice position. At Corus Magnus said he was tired of playing so many Slavs, I'm surprised and happy to see him playing such an aggressive and underused variation.

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    Yep I'm watching it. Anands position is a horrible mess but I wouldn't be suprised if he manages to draw the game. I think Anand felt he could draw when he offered the Q exchange.

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    Yes looks interesting. After 19...Kxe6, GM Dimitrov said "The game was unpredictably boring but finally there is a chance to see some action." Let's hope he's right, and that Carlsen can avoid getting yet another draw.

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    Somebody link me up!

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    You can also see it at http://games.chessdom.com/linares/carlsen-anand, with commentary from GM Dimitrov.

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    For some reason the applet at the soloajedrez.com link won't load for me, any ideas?

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    Try reloading it from the page. It never loads for me when I first enter the page either.

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    25...h6 was rather clever, keeping the white rook out of g5. Black's position seems surprisingly solid, I think Carlsen will have his work cut out for him making anything out of this.

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    No, reloading doesn't work. It must be to do with some Java conflict on my computer. After 25...h6, Dimitrov described Anand's position as "fortress-like". 26. h5 was nice, taking away the g6 square Anand's knight. If Carlsen can blunt Anand's activity, his bishop might be telling.

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    Oh I dunno, I'd be surprised if Carlsen can make any headway. The bishop has no targets, and the rook has no squares to get into Anand's position. Very nice defence by Anand.

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    On move 63 Carlsen has won an exchange, but can he now convert the technical endgame?

    edit: A very impressive game by Magnus either way, it seems he is tired of drawing all his games and really made an effort to convert his promising position.

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    Is the game adjourned?

  • #14

    Nope, Carlsen won Laughing

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    Great tenacity by Carlsen. What a good result.

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    Game lasted longer than what i could have expected.I would like to know Anand s thoughts and assessment about the position after move 16th,even trading that bishop favours white has it will benefit from a more centralised king for the endgame.

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    This is absolutely fantastic. Who would think that Carlsen`s endless line of draws would end with a victory over Anand. This kid is amazing.


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