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Caruana and Carlsen, Call to all you

  • #1

    has any decision on your opinion on whos better


    carlsen or caruana changed after this game

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    Carlsen is better, rating sort of proves it.

    I guess it depends on how you define "better". Do you define better as scoring the best against the highest competition? Then the answer is Carlsen.

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    No. Have you even learned to play chess yet? Caruana STILL hasnt reached 50% against him. You keep posting the exact opposite each time you post something. Last time you were in love with him. The time before that you thought some 2300 addict was better than him AND Kasparov. You go back and forth. Come on snap out of it.

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    superking500 wrote:

    has any decision on your opinion on whos better

    Carlsen look at the rating list:


    His compeition isn't snipping at his heels he's slipped a bit from 2873 but 2864 is still deadly strong no one seems to be climbing up the bean stalk after him the ratings have stayed the same for a long time.

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    Carlsen just totally misplayed the Rook ending.  He was worse but had reasonable drawing chances.  The losing error was going after the f7 pawn with Rf8 instead of getting back behind the outside passer.  Caruana played a great game throughout, though, and deserved to win after that.

    Nakamura also dominated Karjakin today, a very impressive game.

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    These guys are the future world champion and contender respectively

  • #7

    Yes. Before the year is over it will be:

    #1 Magnus Carlsen

    #2 Fabiano Caruana

    Edit: with a huge 70 point gap between them!


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