Castling after queen are off?


In a general case, would one want to castle or not when the queens are exchanged? Some say yes to keep the king safe from other danger, others say no because a centralized king in an endgame is a stronger one. What do you think and why? 

Thank you all! :)


depends on the position, if you can get your king off the back rank and hold your position with strong liquidation force or a tightly closed center the board'll probably favor you, if however your lacking center pawns or your opponent can blow open the center with activity (specially if itll get the rooks active) youll probably be better off castling to where youve got or will have a pawn majority (so as to support them in endgame) -bare in mind this is super general advice and you always want to read the board to see if itll be strong or stupid, typically i favor castling for its useal pluses (rook gets devuloped, king gets out of a hot spot) but if i know my kings gunna be supportive and not cumbersome in the center thats where hes gunna be


With just queens off, I'd normally castle. If there was for example one rook and one knight per side I wouldn't.


Just because Queens are off doesn't make it the endgame!  If the rest of the pieces are still on, or most of them, it is a "Queenless middlegame" and your King needs to be as safe as when the Ladies were still on the board.


Thank you all for your input! :)