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cheat code being used frequently (one piece freeze up)

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    shepi13 wrote:
    TetsuoShima wrote:
    thechessmasterXD wrote:

    Pretty sure it's not a "cheat code".  Are you sure you aren't trying to make an illegal move?


    An illegal move was my first thought too.

    I agree, probably tried to make an illegal move and didn't realize it.

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    Methinks an illegal move did he make,

    But complained he did, for complaint's sake.

    Now my leave from you I will take,

    Since the OP appears to be a flake.

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    Yes, I'd really like to see the game in question and the exact position and piece he was trying to move.  A pinned piece or trying to make some other illegal move was the first thing that went through my mind when I read the original post, too.

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    My bet is he will never post a link to any game at all because his piece was just pinned and he missed it.


    [Mod] No discussion of cheating in the main forums. 


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