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chess cities in the US

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    what are chess cities in the US that have a strong active chess culture ? I already know about saint lousi,new york city,& Dallas.

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    Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston to name a few.

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    There is a tradition of activity in the DC area and also Atlanta, as well.  And the Mechanics' Institute of San Francisco hosts one of the oldest continuously meeting clubs in the country.

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    Chess city?

    The skyscrapers should be shaped like pawns.

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    Franken_Berry wrote:

    Dallas and culture?!?!?

    I live in Dallas.  Please leave it to those of us stuck here to belittle our city's lack of culture: those of us who know better are pretty good at it.  ;-)

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    i think nothing compares with new york. several clubs there. also, lots of players in central park and washington square park. boston is also supposed to be great for chess what with harvard and mit and all.

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    Maybe chess.com should register chess.gov as part of its expansion plans.

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    Donald Trump should build a chess city.

    Ons econd thoughts that would be a bad idea.

    Checkmate would be replaced by "you're fired!"


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