Chess Club and Local Tournaments in Wichita, KS?


Hey everyone,

I'm new to this site. So far, everything looks great. I've been playing chess since I was around 12-13, and I love it. But I really would like to find a chess club here in Wichita. If you live in the area, do you know of a chess club I could seek out?

Also, I would really like to start participating in tournaments so I may become nationally ranked. Does anyone know how I could go about doing this?



I know that there are some scholastic players in the Wichita area, for sure; I have ran into them at some tourneys. They have a Facebook Page and if you are on there you might send a message to them asking about adult players/groups as they might know more. A Google search turns up a couple of non-active websites but that is about all I've found.

Of course, if you that doesn't help, you could always start one yourself and advertise it. I'm sure you could pull in some players.

As to becoming nationally ranked, you'll need to join the USCF ( and play in some tournaments. The Kansas City area is the probably the most active chess scene near you. You can check out for details on the USCF state affiliate and upcoming tourneys. The Karpov International School of Chess in Lindsborg has held open tourneys in the past, though I don't know how often.

For a list of all the USCF affiliates in KS, check out the following link:


You rock! Thanks so much for this information, you really helped me.

I may just have to start a chess group here in Wichita, possibly at my college. We'll see how well that goes. :)


If there is not one we should start one


Never mind this is three years old...


Group of players meet up at Sente, on Douglas.  down town Wichita every Sunday afternoon. 1 to 5 ish. 

I know this response may be a little late. But figured to drop message anyways.