i believe this is an issue on their side.  images as well as the board are un-loading.   They come up fast but then once your window goes overtop of it. It shows the generic icon for a picture kinda thing.  Ive tried on all my devices via multiple browsers.  Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Safari on both iPhone and PC     the issue does not affect the mobile app it seems. but everything else yes it does unfortunately


Chrome people, this is what I wrote in a support thread:

"Alright fixed it on Chrome... but this is way harder and technically incomplete:

Eventually the old cookies will invoke and assets wont load properly via their calls. To fix this, you have to have as a site set to allow everything *relevant. So this happens in 3 steps x 2.


Step 1**: Protection level to the lowest (I know this is bad but I'll try to see what can be left on later)

Step 2: Allow all cookies

Step 3: Site specific settings, set to ALLOW for almost everything... (*yeah well if u really wanna use chrome and

Step 4: Clear your cache of everything. Close all tabs and restart your chrome browser.

Step 5: Relaunch chrome and re-login, if prompted for notifications... I guess... allow <_< (but really turn this off and I bet it will still work [by now you should already be able to see all the broken assets working fine]

Step 6: Enjoy carefully. The staff will eventually fix this problem. Try to refine what you need to allow so that it still works. Or really just get firefox for for now. Peace


Edit: 3 x 2 steps."

Good luck


VPN to the USA was the easiest fix for me. From Canada!




White, also it's a bit better now


Some profile pictures don't show.

Can't insert pictures in VC game posts.

Board/game previews (when looking at list of VC or personal games) is not showing properly.

Diagrams inserted into VC game posts are not displaying pieces properly or at all.

Not using a VPN.


Seems that CDN is being blamed. From the perspective of a customer - the service is not working. The rest is an excuse to shift blame.

The message to effected customers should be something like, "We are having a problem providing our service (or the subset of the service that isn't working) to our customers. It is effecting everyone (or the group it is effecting). We expect it to be fixed by (date/time). As a workaround, you can try...


This should be fixed now

ricechessmaster1 wrote:

Is anyone noticing people peofile pictures just missing and their board missing? IK this may sound like a joke but its happening to me. I just want to know if everyone is having this and if so how do I fix it? 


Don’t think so, no 

i don’t know how to fix it-



Things are back to normal for me. It's been working for about an hour.

Martin_Stahl wrote:

This should be fixed now

yep it is thanks grin.png