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chess in art

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    Iran, thirteenth century. The Sheikh "Shams ud-Din Tabrizi" plays chess.

    a page from Rumi's Book. [Rumi (1207 AD -1273 AD): a persian poet]
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    Tantale, where do you find these amazing pictures?

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    johnyoudell wrote:


    thanks ... luv it!   :)

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    i'll try again posting something... sometimes uploading doesnot work ??:((

    i made a drawing of a you karpov

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    Perhaps nice to add a sculpture on this forum : a bronze statue of Bobby Fischer, about 20 x 15 cm, named in Dutch "De Bronzen Bob", The Bronze Bob, made in 1974 by  a Dutch sculptor Jits Bakker, the first prize we have won in a tournament of twenty business and trade concerns in Amsterdam.

    Although some decades ago, I still enjoy the fact that we played in both these tournaments, The Chess-Creation and also in The Chess-Olympiads For Companies in Amsterdam,   for approx. 20 years in succession, with a team of four colleagues of Geveke Technical Business.        

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    RomyGer wrote:

    Perhaps nice to add a sculpture on this forum... 

    Rook to ...e6...

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    I am pretty new in posting pictures and now the subtitling is missing !

    Post 772 is by Moritz Jung, 1910 ; post 773 is titled Gioco di Scacchi, by Giovanni Garinei, born 1846 ; and post 774 is by Louis-Leopold Boilly, 1780, and shows both François-André Danican Philidor ( left, 54 years of age ) and Legall de Kermeur ( right, 78 years ! ) in their match in Café de la Régence in Paris.  

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    This is called  " a Scene in a London Eating House " in 1932 ; by Stanley Anderson, 1884-1966.

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    And finally, for today, my "hero" Emanuel Lasker :

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    Back to post nr 770, sculptures : another one, bust of Emanuel Lasker :

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    My arts-and-crafts on this rainy afternoon, with thanks to the great Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher :

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    hello Ger, very nice to see some beautifull art here and also a piece you made yourself #779. i love how escher can make you think about dimensions :) i'll try to find a good picture of tarrash i can draw... it would be my first person with a moustache .. you made the Lasker-bust picture  yourself??

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    Hallo J-Pax : nice you try to draw Tarrasch, but I really hope you ment to say  that you should draw a picture of Emanuel Lasker ..., such in view of posts number 777 and 778 !    And, alas, no, I did not make that picture of the Lasker bust myself, I will come back on this subject, there are lots of memorabilia, e.g. see the official Lasker-Gesellschaft site ! site !

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    yes indeed i meant Lasker... no idea how i came up with Tarrash... maybe i saw a game between the two??:)

    first i have to finish a Capablanca drawing i am working on.

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    RomyGer wrote:

    My arts-and-crafts on this rainy afternoon, with thanks to the great Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher :


    This is really neat.  At first glance I thought the queen was higher than the knight.  I have always enjoyed M. C. Escher, too.


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