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this is how i finished Emanueal Lasker drawing.



Thanks, j-pax, you are a great artist, to be able to express the essence of his nature, see my comment in post nr 815/816, eight weeks ago !

Some time ago I informed  somebody at the ( German ) Lasker Gesellschaft about your drawing, but did not get a reply yet.   Normally they are highly interested in activities like this on, so wait and see...

Than @ varun 0501 : what kind of puzzle do you mean ?   Did you choose the wrong forum ?  You better replace it where it belongs, although not many people will be interested to see this silly game.

1.e3 is the Van  't Kruys Opening, and Blackburne-Nimzowitsch, St Petersburg 1914, started e3 d6 / f4 e5 / fxe5 dxe5 / Nc3 Bd6.                 Your e5 is good, but I don't understand h6 and the rest.

@ Winnie_Pooh : nice !  I will try to find more info on this painting ...


How wonderful for someone to add a puzzle to this page!!!  It's a great puzzle, too.  It starts with 20 possible first moves, and then surprises us with the inferior 1. e3 over 1. e4.  Brilliant checkmate, though.  I NEVER saw that one before...


Oh, and I love those terrible moves by black!  In puzzles one should expect the best moves, and a6 and h6 clearly are superior to any other choice.


if i was a great contempary artist i could explain why this puzzle is a good work of art LOL.

i am curious what's Varun's idea.

i'll try and think of something :)


The painting of Caissa or Caïssa could be by  Domenico Maria Fratto, 1669-1763, but other sources give 1800 as date of painting... ( by whom ? still to find out ! )...

Exactly in that year  1763  Sir William Jones  published his long poem called " Caïssa or the Game of Chess ", about a waternymph, Caïssa, from which poem I quote some lines :

O'er hills and valleys was her beauty fam'd, and fair Caïssa was the damsel nam'd; Mars saw the maid; with deep surprize he gaz'd, admir'd her shape, and every gesture prais'd.

Caïssa rejects the love  of Mars (!) and Mars gets the advice : Canst thou no play, no soothing game device, to make thee lovely in the damsel's eyes ?

The god of sports, Euphron, helps : from him the British nymphs receiv'd the game, and play each morn' beneath the crystal Thame.

In this forum we pass over in silence what happened, who won or lost the game betwee Mars and Caïssa,  but : Caïssa was promoted by the gods to the godess of Chess, (instead of being that waternymph of lower order.)

This is a nice quote as well : No mortal hand the wond'rous sport contriv'd, by gods invented, and from gods deriv'd...





Thanks, Winnie_Pooh, for post nr 892, fine information !

In posts 893 and 894 I copied pages I found of Philidor's book of 1805, in which the poem is included, with that introduction...


Without words, for now.   Who makes the best title ?


blondes have more fun


I've been working on a project that I call "Chess in Artworks".  Here is a link to a Google Doc spreadsheet with approximately 500 chess artworks over the past 1000 years: You can click on the hyperlinks to see images of the actual artworks, and you can also filter it by date range or century, artist, country, etc.  My next step is to analyze any patterns of usage of different types of chess sets within the artworks, by date and also by location.

I collect antique chess sets, so the spreadsheet doesn't include modern paintings, just up through the early 20th century.


amazing. I mean, amazing. whow! thank you. It will take me a while to go through this. whow! whow! did I say that? whow!


yo computoJon....that's a great piece of work !!! i'll remember it for future reference ... THANKS:)


Hi, everybody, have a look at the forum : " if you know list here any chess film or documentary " ; and especially posts 10, 19, 20, 21 and 22 about a nice video that belongs to this "chess in art" ( ... art in chess ... ).

( Somebody likes to insert that video in this forum as well ? )


hello ger,

i cannot find the forum... can you post a link tot the forum ?


The forum is started by Grandbrother Rizaa in Somalia, I think you can find him in Members with his list of posts...