Chess in Puerto Vallarta?

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    Whoo!!  Let's all get on board the Love Boat and find out!

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    Yes I saw one in the movie Blow starring Johnny Depp (2001).

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    Not really. But if you take a chess board with you and set it up on a beach side cafe, you're likely to get a game. You may lose your spouse though, so it's a tough trade-off.

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    maxwg wrote:

    Anyone know of any Chess Cafe or similar in Puerto Vallarta Mexico? 

    Hi maxwg. We have chessboards on the tables in our BrewPub! We're located in the heart of Old Town on the corner of Constitucion and Caranza. Hope you can make it by for a match ;) 


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    No not that i can think of

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    @MMSANCHEZ you can go downtown in the Zona Romantico area or more specifically Cafe Del Mar between 7PM and 10PM everyday except Sunday. Also in the Library during the day off Francisco Villa.

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