Chess is 99 % tactics

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What percentage of a chess game do you actually think is tactical?

Oh, "a chess game" as in 1.

Yeah, way less than 99%.

I was on this topic at 5 in the morning and completely misunderstood what you were getting at in the OP.

Lol interestingly enough so was I, wide awake at 4:46 AM wink.png


What It Takes to Become a Chess Master by Andrew Soltis
"... going from good at tactics to great at tactics ... doesn't translate into much greater strength. ... You need a relatively good memory to reach average strength. But a much better memory isn't going to make you a master. ... there's a powerful law of diminishing returns in chess calculation, ... Your rating may have been steadily rising when suddenly it stops. ... One explanation for the wall is that most players got to where they are by learning how to not lose. ... Mastering chess ... requires a new set of skills and traits. ... Many of these attributes are kinds of know-how, such as understanding when to change the pawn structure or what a positionally won game looks like and how to deal with it. Some are habits, like always looking for targets. Others are refined senses, like recognizing a critical middlegame moment or feeling when time is on your side and when it isn't. ..." - GM Andrew Soltis (2012)

"... Most of the time you can find a good move - if not the best move - with a low level of calculation. How low? Two and a half moves into the future. ..." - GM Andrew Soltis (2010)

I guess an example would be the position after 1 d4 Nf6 2 Nd2 e5 3 dxe5 Ng4 4 h3, when Black perceives that 4...Ne3 can be played because of 5 fxe3 Qh4+ 6 g3 Qxg3#.


chess is neither only tactics nor only calculation. chess is full strategy . after placing pieces based on strategy you would able to deploy your tactics . if pieces are not in placed properly you won't deploy your tactical ideas. i guess so. after deploying strategic plan they deploy tactics and calculate maneuvers. possibly that would be a reason if a players rated 1600 + in tactics may or may not rated same in real games . in real games you have to create such pattern or tactics where you can apply your tactics. 



There is only one problem with studying tactics, what to do when there isn’t any tactical shots on the chess board. wink.png