Chess Music Mix


Hello all,

I am a big fan of listening to music during my OTB tourneys. So, two questions, does it bother you when your opponent say listens to their iphone during play?

Second, do you have specific types of music or favorites you enjoy during play?



Does it bother me? Not really.  So much better than an opponent who's actively trying goofy off-the-board shenanigans to distract/annoy you. If it gets loud enough for me to hear, I will politely ask them to keep it down a little.

Specific types of music? It really depends on what music fires you up / calms you down.   I tend to down-shift and up-shift based on where I am in the game.  Some people claim classical music is stimulating.  Others prefer loud/angry stuff to stay focussed.  

Me? I used to enjoy ragtime on the piano, though I've recently been going music-less ... probably because I've been calculating aloud in my head these days :)


booty shakin music.


It wouldn't bother me a bit - as long as he wasn't being helped with his moves by someone on the other end.


I don't play OTB tournaments, but when I play Live Chess here on I typically listen to a track of red (Brownian) noise.

It relaxes me a bit (but just a bit, because when I play chess I'm usually in extreme freakout mode).


An I-phone?  I guess it wouldn't bug me as long as you weren't looking down at it every few moves Smile after all not only can it make calls but you can download chess software.

As long as it's just music, I don't care.  For blitz I like something with a fast beat (helps me cut off analysis and just go for it!) and standard time controls something slower.  As long as I know the music and it generally disappears into white noise I'm good.  If it a song I haven't heard before it ends up distracting me.

I don't listen to any at OTB tournaments, I think I can concentrate better this way.


I like listening to some good ol' New Orleans blues whilst I'm dragging my icons around the grid. Or other types of jazz. Booty shakin stuff whilst chessin' ain't my thing so much. Cool