Chess pieces...



So one way that I've decided to learn to evaluate my game skills, is to isolate certain pieces off of the board and only play with the ones that I need a better understanding of... This brings up interesting ideas.

What I mean is, for example. I work on my pawn game. So the only pieces on the board are the pawns and the kings. And I play from there, to just try and reach pawn promotion... (usually I play by myself, since my other family members don't like chess, or don't want to "strive" with understanding it.

Yesterday, I was playing with my little brother in this manner (I call the game "pawns" by the way).

And being the kid he is, he was trying to change the whole game up. What he did was try and use the pieces in some fashion which was creative, but he didn't know how (even though I created a reasonable idea)...

SoOOoo.... my point of all this is, does anyone know, or has anyone ever tried to use these magnificent pieces in a way that would create a DIFFERENT kind of board game? It seems like such an interesting idea!

and also, what do you think about this kind of strategy for game development?

thanks, peace!


What pieces are you talking about...just the pawns and kings?

If not, you might check out the game Arimaa, which can be played with a standard chessboard and chess set.