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    Your own rating-change was okay. Apparently your opponent was playing another game around the same time which resulted in his rating-changes ? (your-game)

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    jrolder wrote:

    The only game in your history that matches your description of the resulting ratings is Neprajah - nigelnorris. If you check your opponent's history you'll find that their rating was 1558 before the game.

    No, we played 3 times, consecutive games, I won all three. End of game one his rating went down to 1591. end of game two it went down to 1543, end of game three it had gone back up again to 1544. At least this is the information on my profile page, didn't occur to me to check on his.


    netzach wrote:

    Your own rating-change was okay. Apparently your opponent was playing another game around the same time which resulted in his rating-changes ? (your-game)

    Oh ok, two games at once makes sense. In fact he did it twice and lost the other, which explains the big jump from 1590 down to 1543.

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    quite afew times my rating has gone up when I have lost and gone down when I have won. Can anyone explain that? Apperrently live chess support system can't. They just ignore the querry. I asked more than thrice.

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    when we disconnect during the game please take it equal to resignation because in my case without power internet doesn't work. here in india we have unexpected power failures. so please don't take it as violation of fair play policy. because it sounds too harsh for no fault of ours. thank u

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    Well, to me the rating given(1200) is good because when you see people at a much higher rank than you are...probably cuz you are at will take forever to reach them in a standard game the max you can get is about 300. So if you play then lose then..that would become a I say that it is a good thing that you get the 1200 rating and if you do bad that's your fault. Then the rating changes from there as on how good you do or on how bad you do.

    mznor wrote:

    In playing my first game on, I received a rating of 1200, before I played. Why, and how was that arrived at?

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    viswanathan wrote:
    turtle wrote: i am starting to understand the rating system, but how do you determine points during a game? are certain peices worth different points? 

    turtle, the general points system followed is as follows:

    pawn - 1pt.

    knight/bishop - 3pts.

    rook - 5pts.

    queen - 10pts.

    of course points are not everything... the position of your piece also matters.. for example you might not mind losing a bishop or rook to save a pawn on the 7th row.. and points dont have any bearing on the game result.. it is just a basic framework to help beginners understand the value of different pieces

    isn't the queen worth just 9 points, and not 10?

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    Yes, in my case that is precisely what had happenned. Two or three unexpected disconnections, and my score slid down from 1480+ to 1450.Staff support seems to have pre set questions and answers only. There is no one live who can read individual questions and then answer them.

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    Sometimes when I play a game of "Live Chess" and win (or lose) against a higher rated opponent, my rating doesn't change at all. Why does this happen?

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    hello im new to this site and the internet and all this stuff and i have a few questions on how to work the site.  if someone could tell me why all my live games start with a draw request? That would be a big help.

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    Also im not a member here but the site has placed restrictions on my playing time (5mins between games) because it said i was rude, or wasnt playing fair or something, and i just wanted to let the players here know thatany offense i may caused you by waiting to long to make a move or getting disconnected was not at all intentional.  Ive been onsites where players will do that kind of thing and i find it petty and annoying.  and unsportsman like.

    Thank you for your time

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    Mcleanio, I have no idea why your games start with a draw request. A bug, probably - not that has many of those. Try a different browser.

    You probably received the playing time restriction because you let the timer run down in a live game.

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    New to this site. I have a 1600 plus rating but only have played a few blitz games. Will I get another rating if I play slower time controls? Also where are blitz tournaments advertised?

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    Sean, there are a variety of ratings. There are bullet, blitz and standard ratings for live games and standard/chess960 ratings for correspondence games. You'll find blitz tournaments in the live chess 'tournaments' tab. Tournaments start every 15 minutes or so.

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    openings are very difficult to understand.The chess struggle starts fighting for abstactions.The center space pawn structure piece activity ect. Another words the creation of a plan.Later on in the middle game the game becoms more tangible and clear and concrete.The plan the exists and becomes more tactical.Much more easier to understand but difficult to play less room for error.Obviouly the endgame isthe most difficult to play but easy to understand.very little room for error                           

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    MY point is maybe persons should have ratings for each different portion of the game.

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    Maybe from apractical point of view that would not work but would be helpfil for the individual.

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    Ira, Igor Khmelnitsky's "Chess exam and training guide" gives you exactly what you're asking for. It pointed out that my positional understanding was at expert level but my tactics were class D. After a focused training in that area of weakness my rating went up some 300 points.

    Full disclosure: I won't receive a dime should you buy the book, nor will any of my friends or family.

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    joeyson wrote:

    wow ppl

    just play

    ratings dont even matter

    And this is why you have a rating under 1000.  Some people play this game to get to a certain rating, my personal goal is to become an FM. 

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    OTBPractice wrote:
    joeyson wrote:

    wow ppl

    just play

    ratings dont even matter

    And this is why you have a rating under 1000.  Some people play this game to get to a certain rating, my personal goal is to become an FM. 

    So, what you're saying is that he has a low rating because it's directly linked to his level of desire for a higher rating? Well, I really, really wanna be a Super-GM. I desire it greatly. Now let me do my "I Dream of Jeannie" nod 'n' blink, and pow(!), I'm a Super-GM. I just can't figure why you only shot for FM....?

    Maybe you'll forgive my tone if you take into consideration the *myriad* of reasons why a player might currently have a low rating and not try to shame them.

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    why the **** is this website so ******* **** every single game is buggy and ******* laggy cant even finish game coz peices get stuck to my cursor *** is that

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