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Chess stats question

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    I have a question about a chess stat. Perhaps I'm not thinking about this right, but it says that the average rating of players that i beat is 1466, when i lose its 1659...so far so good, but then the average for players i DRAW is 1743...meaning that I draw higher rated players on average than those who beat me? Sample size for draws is 41 and loss is 408, but still it seems like the opposite of what i'd expect and somewhat weird. Theories?

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    You up your game for the really really tough opposition and manage to draw with them? Maybe they misjudge you while those with a rating of around 1660 still see you as a threat so they concentrate more?

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    As a diamond, you can see all the games you played. You can determine if the stat is wrong. If it is, contact staff.

    If, however, you have a tendency to lose against players rated lower than yourself, send me a challenge!

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    There are just too many variables to give an answer with any pretense of accuracy.  The very nature of the rating pool here, or pools since many don't play across time limits so much, is constant change and flux.  People come, they go, some are overrated, some underrated, you can't tell when you play them.


    One possible explanation, since those you beat or draw are averaging very close to your own rating, is that your opposition is out of balance by playing too many lower-rated players and not enough who are higher.  In general, it's a good idea to play within a 200-300 point range +/-, and to try to balance the numbers along the distribution.  Of course that is easier said than done - and it may not even be the cause anyway.


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