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chessfilms that I can never find ? PLEASE HELP

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    I've been trying to watch these movies ever since winning my first tournament back in elementry and still can't find them does anyone know where I can watch these movies on the internet. Looking for:

    Brainwashed 1960 film (english subtitles)

    Knights of the South Bronx 2005 film

    Knight moves 1992 film

    Dangerous Moves 1984 (english subtitles)

    Please if anyone can help please do.

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    Found only "Knight Moves", for 99 cents, but not the one you're looking for:

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    I have these ones:

    Knights of the South Bronx

    Knight moves

    Dangerous Moves


    1984 - La Diagonale du Fou (***)

    Fresh - (*****)

    GAMEOVER - Kasparov and the machine (****)

    Queen to Play (****)

    Searching for Bobby Fischer (****)

    The Luzhin Defence (*****)

    I think a torrent (like uTorrent) interface will be helpful but if it doesn't work, I can upload them to somewhere -or can not upload according to laws of your country :(-

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    you can upload in my country you just have to mention that its copyrighted and the film doesnt belong to you this is for youtube of course and thank you soooooo much ive been looking for those films for what feels like forever.

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    Ok I will care about it one by one and give the links

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    Movies I've seen thus far 


    Queen to Play

    Searching for Bobby Fischer

    Game Over Kasparov vs. Machine

    thanks again

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    Searching for Bobby Fischer and Knights of the south Bronx can be downloaded through Torrents. Not sure of the laws in your country for using torrents, be careful.

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    Knights of the south bronx is available in YouTube.

    Knight Moves Link



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