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Community thoughts: Would this be classified as a draw?

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    With both sides on the edge of a promotion, White's b7 is in need of attention; more so than Black's push for g2, 

    Draw? Thanking all in advance for inputs, analysis, Smile

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    kenible3 wrote:

    looks like.  too bad 2. Nc5+ is met by Kb6 ...

    thanks, had tethered on the possibility of f6's promotionUndecided,

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    Appreciate the variations from the diagramInnocent,

    was comtemplating on: 

    1...Nxb7 2. f7 g2

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    In the starting position it's interesting if black does try g2.  Mainline in bold near the bottom with diagram move.  The last line is the one you ask about above this post with f2.

    1...g2 2.b8=Q 2...g1=Q+ is wild.  The computer says draw but there are chances to go wrong for both players, black  has to be more accurate so white may try this double queening to get some practical winning chances.  Instead white can promote with check.

    1...g2 2.b8=N+ Ka7 3.Bxg2 gxf6 4.Nxd7 Ka6 5.Nxf6 is a mate in 30 according to endgame tablebase, but this is likely very low practical chances for non-pro players as you only have 50 moves to mate.


    So instead it's best for black to make a draw, which he can do pretty easily by taking twice on b7 and now white has an option.  To take on g3 or push f7.

    1...Nxb7 2.Bxb7+ Kxb7 3.Kxg3 gxf6 is an easy draw.  White can instead push f7 but this only gives black chances.

    10...Nxb7 2.Bxb7+ Kxb7 3.f7 g2 4.f8=Q g1=Q+ should be a fairly simple draw but white is the one who has to prove it.  (If black wins the knight, white can win the other g pawn and get a drawn queen and pawn endgame).

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    The position is draw.

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    In your blue line black can play 5...Qxc5.

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    The reason why I put 5...Qh2+ is to put the trap on f-file (skewer the king and queen)

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    It's not a timed game, there are no traps to fall for, it's analysis Tongue out

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    Hi Waffles,

    The g2 line is a win for Black: that much is assured,

    1...g2 2. b8=Q [incorrect line]

    1...g2 2. b8=N+ [correct line, White wins] 


    As for the Nxb7 line

    1...Nxb7 2.Bxb7+ Kxb7 3.Kxg3 gxf6 is an easy draw [agreed]

    1...Nxb7 2.Bxb7+ Kxb7 3.f7 g2 [interesting variant, thanks]

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    Thanks nylsel,

    But the line provided:

    1...Nxb7 2. Kxg3 [draws],

    1...Nxb7 2. f7 g2 3. Nc5 Kb6?! [draws, yes?] should've been 3...Ka7 or Kb5 [this would favor Black's position],

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    action ? yes. But it's a draw.


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