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complaining when losing

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    I had an interesting match and I have notice when a good player is losing they always complain about you cheating. How do you guys deal with that nonsense? In the end I lost coz of a queen blunder in 22nd move
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    Check out this #chess game: Livehappy vs CANBRITCHESS26 - https://www.chess.com/live/game/2377637928
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    Here is the game if someone want to analyze
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    Disable chat
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    Lol. Looks like you are among them
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    Don't think about what they are saying to you. Sometimes weak players can beat the strong players. It's strong players strategy to distracting you and make you commit the blunders.. If you are beating the players who are rated better than you.. then you are really progressing in the game. Anyway good luck


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