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Completely randomized chess?

  • #1

    I know of 960 and other variants, but has anyone ever played chess by just having completely random placement? I could see this being an extremely challenging game. No mirroring, nothing. You get what you get, so your queen could be in the corner or in the middle, etc.

  • #2

    I don't know that it would be fair? In 960, the back row has to mirror each other. If it doesn't then someone could have an advantageous position to start.

  • #3

    I think they tried that with checkers.

  • #4

    Pen, that's the idea. 960 style but pawns go anywhere essentially.

  • #5

    Isn't real chess hard enough?

  • #6

    Yes, but it'd remove all theory completely which would just make for some good times. Z-Chess we shall call it mwahahaha

  • #7

    Most of the theory is removed after a couple drinks.


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