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continuing opening when opponent doesnt follow?

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    I'd be careful about calling FCO updated. For example, people in the know know (where did I learn English?) that Morozevich introduced the ...Nge7 plan for black in the Albin Countergambit around 2005. Yet there is no mention of it in FCO, even though it was a major contribution to the Albin theory.

    [Disclaimer: I do not employ the Albin on regular basis.]

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    there is this guy wu plays e4-b3-Nc3-Nf3-Bb2-Bd3-Qe2-000-h3-g4,

    regardless of how black develops Sicilian Caro-french-petrov-pirc-A00 to him those moves up thr will be played No matter what you play. but will be calculating as well,

    its not that playing a particular opening theory,

    i think the question wants to know how you attack/defend someone who does not play opening theory moves, but playes their own stuff in their head, but make a mistake you loose,

    and NB, these guys after setting up their positions wont play partzer moves, but will come in with aggression and tempered moves


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