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Correspondence Chess

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    Hello Everyone,

    I was just wondering if anybody fancied an good old fashioned game of correspondence chess. Ideally I am looking for someone of a similar rating to myself (1500 - 1600) I am not too bothered what part of the world you are from either but obviously the further away then the longer the game will take. I have never played chess in this way but I imagine that the anticipation of a letter or postcard with the next move on it could get pretty exciting. I would also prefer to play with no databases  or computers etc (this would defeat the point) so there is a trust issue. If this is something that you would be interested in then e-mail me on c.clynes@gmail.com and we can swap addresses. I look forward to a long and interesting game of chess with some of you.

    Chris Clynes.

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    >>I would also prefer to play with no databases  <<

    This is a rare breed, nowadays, and it will definitely narrow the field. Maybe to 1 or 2.

    I would play you...but I don't like too slooooooow (nor too faaaaaaaast, either).

    Good luck

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    Using email would be cheaper, but probably not what you're looking for.  Last time I sent a letter overseas, I think it cost around $1 US.  And this was quite a few years ago.

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    Yeah I thought cost might put a lot of people off. I just thought it would be a good idea to do something a bit different. I think that it would make the game a little bit more personal too. For example a specially picked out post card (yeah I know...more expense) depending on the position or move, like a post card with a picture of Durham Castle (a place near where I live) on it, for when I castle etc.


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