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Criticism of Chess.com University Prodigy Program

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    hicetnunc wrote:

    I've no issue. You paid them to write this. The young fellow has been working with coaches well before he enrolled in your program.



    We have not paid a penny to the Yoo family to write this. We had asked for their opinion and they were very happy with the program and believed that it helped Christopher become the youngest master in American history.


    While I'm at it, I will also let you know that we did not pay a single penny to five-time world champion Vishy Anand for his video endorsement. He, like other top chess coaches and grandmasters, knows that Chess University is a young company that hasn't sought any investments. They genuinely want the program and company to stabilize and grow because they feel we're a force for good in the chess world that truly cares about its students.

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    Which one of your students are in the top 1000 chess players.

    The answer 0

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    Top 1000 in the world or top in their age group? We don't presently cater to NMs trying to become GMs. Our focus is on helping novices and intermediate players become advanced players and experts. When we launch a 2000+ section of the Prodigy Program, we will focus on taking experts to NM level, and when we launch a 2200+ program, we will devote time to turning students into IMs and GMs. Though we have not yet decided our plans for the 2200+ course as the potential pool of students is rather small.

    We have other projects keeping us busy too. For example, Chess University this year will be the first company to offer a during-school, graded, elective chess class that's taught entirely online.

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    I dont see why people hate on the University. Like yeah, they are here to make money. Delete that KarlMarx.exe file from your brain guys because it is seriously messing with you. PEOPLE HAVE TO EAT. THEY NEED TO MAKE MONEY. Some build houses to get money, others play with your dreams, build up fake hopes and then give you MEDIOCRE chess classes but at the end of the day, it is all the same, MAKING MONEY.



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    Also, Magnus Carlsen had to study 10+ years to reach the top . Do you really think you can become a top player by studying chess online with a fake Vishy Anand hologram? You must be on a high ammount of ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES BUDDY.


    If chess.com actually makes a program designed to make people IMs I will feel HIGHLY OFFENDED and WILL TURN MY ADDBLOCKER ON AGAIN.

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    BronsteinPawn wrote:

    Do you really think you can become a top player by studying chess online with a fake Vishy Anand hologram? You must be on a high amount of ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES BUDDY.



    Some of those are legal where Chess University's CEO lives.

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    We sent you the emails numerous times and also provided you with this tutorial which shows you how to find the schedule on our website:


    Chess University provides live lessons, its own videos, its own written content, recommended content from elsewhere, two game analyses per student each month (in the actual Prodigy Proram), etc. During some months we have puzzle packets with solutions sent afterwards though we don't give one-on-one feedback on the puzzle homework itself.


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