Cruel of Me?


Yeah, I know...this has been discussed before.

Here's the deal. We are in endgame. Material: me 16; he 2.

He won't resign. Many of his other games have been won on time. I suspect that he hopes God will deal me a lightening bolt, a heart attack...something where I will either walk away from the game or be carried away.

I don't chat when I play. After move 39, I did for the first time. I said: "Looks like you are hankering for a 5 Q mate."

This is what I am going to do. Is this cruel of me?


When I played OTB in a former life, some rather snobbish young geniuses in our club played a3 or h3 in such situations - ie they were ahead by a Queen or so, their opponent refused to give up. a3 was a move that you'd expect from a losing party - not bad, just utterly pointless. 

They were prepared to go on and win, but in many cases, such a move made the losing player realize he was making a fool of himself, contemplate the futility of all human endeavors and the brevity of life, and resign sooner. Less effort needed than for a 5-Q mate (but well, if you are up for it, it's not cruel at all, I think - just stay indoors, remember that lightning bolt).


It's not cruel. Just impolite. You haven't the right to expect your opponent to make decisions in accordance with your way of thinking. If you want to win, checkmate him. Whether he resigns or not is his business, not for you to double guess his motives behind it.


To Christian_Roettger:

Thanks. Well after 39 moves, I can no longer do an a3. But, I have similar options.

Until recently, I've only played OTB. And, in a hopeless situation, I would always resign. This is the proper thing to do.

Some people have it backwards... Never give up in chess. In a real war, if they've "gotcha", well, yes...give up. They'll take you in and get you some hot chocolate and a warm bed.

NO!!! If chess...throw in the towel when it is hopeless. In a real war...NEVER. Why...because there ain't gonna be no hot chocolate and warm bed. You are gonna get the crap beat out of you and stuck in a cage.

In this regard, chess and war are different.

It will be interesting to see how far into a 5 Q ending this will go. If I was the opponent, I wouldn't want such cruelty. I would surrender then go get me some hot chocolate and a warm bed.

Skand wrote:

It's not cruel. Just impolite. You haven't the right to expect your opponent to make decisions in accordance with your way of thinking. If you want to win, checkmate him. Whether he resigns or not is his business, not for you to double guess his motives behind it.

Impolite? What planet are you from? It is impolite for him not to resign when I have a rook, bishop, knight and 5 pawns against his two pawns and nothing more. is the one who is dragging this thing out. He is the impolite one. Now I'm gonna teach him some manners. Keep in mind I have to wait 3 days for each of his moves. This should have been over two weeks ago. And, when it is my turn...I look for maybe a few minutes and have an instant reply.


Resigning is an option that a player may exercise on his own sweet will, not to be expected from the opponent, much less demanded. You agreed to play an online chess game with 3 days/move against an opponent whose way of thinking you were not aware of. So just do that and finish the game by checkmating your opponent. Don't complain about his not resigning.

You are upset with him because he does not resign when in his position, you would have. In my opinion it's too aggressive a way of thinking. You play your chess your way and he does his.


I am fully aware that there are stubborn people who don't have the chess etiquette (because that's what it is) to resign under any circumstance. Most of us experienced players do so because it is the proper thing to do, saves both sides a lot of time and the loser further pain.

I demanded nothing. All I asked here is if my choice of a 5 Q mate was too cruel. 

I probably won't go for a 5 Q checkmate (although I probably should). Doing so would also greatly increase the possibility of a stalemate. And, that's not gonna happen. (lol)


End of the story: 

The creep eventually asked me for a draw...when he was overwhelmingly lost and should have resigned. I had a good laugh. Then, I said: "No way, Jose."

Then he continued to drag out the next few moves to the three day max. I started to move in for the Death of the Five Queens.

I guess he couldn't take the pain any longer. So, again instead of resigning...he maxed out the clock another full three days and let it time out.

You see, the creep didn't want to dignify the game by win, loss or draw. He somehow considers that my win by his time out is somehow less than a full win.


Not cruel, just a bit sad. Be the bigger man.


You are annoyed with him for wasting your time, so you're going to waste even more of your time.  Brilliant.


No. You just don't get it. There is a certain etiquette in chess. This is not how a gentleman plays. This is how a worm plays.


We understand, it's just a childish response to a breach of etiquette.


Childish of me? Explain this insult, please. What is your basis?


Your way to combat percieved rudeness is to do the same?

You seriously don't see that as childish? You never got told two wrongs don't make a right?




To Scottrf:

I suppose that I can summarize the opening question as, one vote for you: YES. And, you are not allowed more than one you used this universal "we" in one of your posts above.

How I decide to checkmate a worm...that is childish of you to be concerned.


Just to clarify, when I said "just impolite" few days back, I was referring to your remark in the chat, not for your decision to hand him a 5 Q mate. How you checkmate your opponent is your prerogative. Hopefully now that the game is over, you are at peace with yourself.


Perhaps we are digressing, but in my opinion childish behaviour has little to do with age or parenting. I think these traits are built into a personality by the time a person is out of teens and it is difficult to change over time. I have seen many youngsters behaving in a mature manner while grown-ups rather immaturely. Take this discussion itself, your name calling and bad mouthing others isn't exactly a mature response.


Interesting comments. Now, exactly where did I say these things?

It appears to me that some of the crummy players who lack chess etiquette are lurking here to vindicate why they don't have any chess manners.

Here, let me share with you:

1. Don't give up the good fight! Never! With one exception... You are playing against someone who is obviously a much better player and you are in a hopelessly lost situation...knock your king over...extend your hand and thank that player for the game.

2. Don't expect to win by "hope". Hope is not a plan. Study and that's a plan. Don't expect to win on the basis that the opponent may have a heart attack and time out. Nor that he will forget to come back to make his moves. Nor that he will close his account. These are in the "hope" category and do not constitute a plan.

3. If you are in this hopeless not offer a draw. It is laughable to the opponent. You want him to have a good laugh because you are a buffoon?

4. If you are in a hopeless situation and you have seen that your opponent is a competent not hold out for the stalemate option. If you are down, let's say 10 points in material, there is probably a very good reason for this. And, you think that this guy is going to screw up and allow for a stalemate?

5. If you are in this hopeless situation...offered a draw and were not go to the loss by timing out option. Make him wait a full period of time...sitting there...waiting and watching for your move. Now you are truly being an impolite jerk. Man up and resign.

You boys who don't comprehend this, read it twice...three times.

But, I suspect there are some people who have no manners. They were not brought up right. They are sociopaths.

That's why the Death by Five Queens or maybe 3 rooks and 3 bishops...will always remain a valid option for the player on the other side of the board. He will get to choose how much pain you are willing to accept. I would call this the Fool's Mate (for the loser)...but this name is already taken.



I have always said good players know when to resign,  and they do .