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Current problems and threads mushrooming

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    Again, I am not an expert....but I find the old version easier...specially if I am posting a game with comments on my blog....much easier.

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    Hahaha. The tread on People Who Don't Resign Games won't end! Everything has been said, but not by everybody so the same arguments go round and round. The irony is hysterical.

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    Rick, you have to take it easy on the mushrooms......

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    Spacebux wrote:

    Why is chess.com giving everyone of your App users access to a convenient Analysis Engine, Blunder-highlighter, Threatened Piece blotter, and Best Move arrows at their finger tips??

    For a site that warns against Users using engines, why the thunder is an engine (and more!!) put straight in accessible in the App?!?!?!

    You guys have a screw or 527 screws loose if you thought this was a good idea.


    At this point, v2 is WAAAAAY >>> BETTER >>> than v3.

    • v2 did not grant everyone access to cheating at their fingertips
    • v2 does not require scrolling in the Abyss on every page
    • v2 is simple, fast, and loads in 1/4th the time
    • v2 has a MENU that people understand
    • v2's Classic Chess.com App just did chess.  No bugs.  No ENGINES.  No cheater utilities.
    • v2 encouraged social interaction among members---group membership was up and plentiful before the advent of v3.
    • v2 was about playing CHESS.  v3 is all about STAFF controlled content and usage.  Its no longer about players.

    Logic has Left the Building, Alex.


    I've sent you a rather lengthy private message. Please check your inbox when you get a few minutes!

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    This is me being good.

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    Someone managed to bring the US Constitution into the "Resign" thread. Well, in fact. Its like an ongoing soap opera. Grab the popcorn.

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    some threads got nuked ? that was bad luck.

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    They weren't nuked.. the STAFF have been going on a ram-purge (that's rampage + purge).  They don't want any more talk about v2 vs. v3 in open forums.

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    Isn't something like that what a forum would be on a competition site?

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    Golden Thread Mushrooms (simply delicious!)


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    You ate Bobby! Cannibal! This should be reported. (It really should, how many laughs do you figure those poor wage slaves get?)

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    Nothing much has changed.  I have been told that mushrooms are not helpful if you have tinnitus.



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    camter wrote:

    Nothing much has changed. 

    nope... only more problems... it seems like when anything gets fixed something else gets broken...

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