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Dear old, busted-up chess set...

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    B-Lamberth wrote:

    Her you can see my old clock:http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/my-old-chess-clockCan anyone tell me anything about it?

    B-Lamberth, the Olympia was made by the West German company Jerger. They were "the industry standard" because of their durability and reliability. In 1971 the owner of the factory committed suicide and they stopped production. I believe they reopened the factory and continued production until 1990/91. You have a quality chess clock and if it's in good condition I've seen similar models going for $145/$150 on the web. I believe the one I have in the photograph is made by Jantar or the Moscow clock company No.2. These were standard issue in Soviet chess from the '30's-'60's. http://www.chess-museum.com/the-chess-clock-cabinet-i.html

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    My dad's chess set. He used it to teach me the moves way back in the 70s, when I was not yet a teenager. It's on his set I played my first game and made my first blunders, much to his disappointment and to my indifference.

    I thought I last saw it around 1985. By that time I had my own set (the one pictured in the opening post), and was leaving home for college. Dad's set was soon forgotten.

    A couple of weeks ago I asked him what happened to his old set. He had no idea, and pulled out a small portable set he had stashed away somewhere. But the set I remembered from childhood had gold and black squares, and was much larger. He seemed to recall it, but had no idea where it could be.

    Imagine my surprise this Saturday, when he called me and said he found it! "Are all the pieces there?", I asked. "Let me check", he said, and after a minute confirmed that yes, the set was complete...

    I drove right over. That was it. It was dusty and battered up, but after some cleaning looked decent enough. Here it is, the very first set I played on:

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    is that a magnetic set ?

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    Yes, the pieces are plastic ones with magnets.


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