did they switch ten minute to rapid?


I would venture a guess that it is probably more like 90%

STarrasch wrote:

Most internet chess players dont bother to learn openings and wonder why their rating is so low.  I remember i played a game in an over the board tourney in Texas against a very strong player,  But I was able to play the book lines for about 10 or 12 moves., because the time limit was 40/2.  2 hours , no increment, even though I was not familiar with the opening lines.

lol i used to be the low rated player that wondered why they were so low rated even tho they studied no openings

now im trying a bit more, still eh rated

So what’s the difference between rapid and blitz?
Andy50315 wrote:
So what’s the difference between rapid and blitz?


Other than 10|0 this should be correct.