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Diploma thesis – chess in the Soviet Union

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    The subject is so broad, that you have an opportunity to address it from many different perspectives. Here are some possible themes:

    • The great rivalries: Fischer - Spassky, Karpov - Korchnoi and Karpov - Kasparov. The Soviet establishment was active in supporting "their" candidate in all three cases
    • Botvinnik's "School of Chess". How young players with high potential were picked out and then trained by the best.
    • The moguls behind the scenes. Geidar Aliev, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Big money that was there to help Kasparov (in case of Aliev), or promote Elista (in case of Ilyumzhinov)
    • The defectors. Korchnoi, Alburt, Ivanov.
    • The trainers. Zak, Dvoretsky, Tolush, Bondarevsky, etc.
    • Chess in popular culture. Post stamps with chess themes, chess in Russian movies, chess players as pop culture icons

    This is by no means a complete list, and each bullet point might be worthy of a thesis by itself.

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    The life and bloody career of Nikolai Krylenko, the Bolshevik who spearheaded the development of Soviet chess, and as a state prosecutor during Stalin's terror sent tens of thousands of people to torture and death, is probably worth an entire thesis all be itself

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    Thank you very much for all this topic suggestions! happy.png

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    Russians versus Fischer by Plisetsky and Voronkov


    Checkmate in Prague by Pachman

    Persona Non Grata by Kortchnoi

    Achieving the Aim by Botvinnik

    Center-Stage and Behind the Scenes by Averbakh


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