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Disabled RESIGN button

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    In a number of my last few games I was so seriously outplayed and so I decided to resign. Then I found I could not because the RESIGN option has been disabled.
    Does anyone know why this was done.?
    It was only very recently disabled. 

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    perhaps you should post a picture of it...

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    I donno know

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    Maybe you should post this in Help & Support, for this forum to be more helpful.

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    Guess youare right angrybirdstar :)

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    please tell me how to enable this on games. Totally sick of people bailing just because they don't think they can win.

    The end game is where you learn the most. How do you ever expect to improve if you leave half way through the lesson?

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    I'm a newbie. I can't find the "resign button" where is it? I can't find it on my PC or my chromebook. I bail out of games cuz I can't find such a button.

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    I hope the diagram helps. Check at the bottom right.

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    lol :)


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