Does this happen to you in Live Chess?  Your opponents would just disconnect at will when they are losing the game.  Notice his connection bar, it's very green, meaning he has very low lag.  So it's obvious that the disconnection was in purpose.  Sore losers do this often.  What can Chess.com do to prevent things from occuring in Live Chess.  Any ideas?


Can you resize the screen capture so that we can see the whole thing? Try the "Paint" application.


Chess.com has a plan in hand (according to erik) that will visibly flag regular offenders so that members may avoid them, if they wish.




i feel bad having to display my opponent's profile handle in the image screen.  Anyway it's just poor sportsmanship to keep your opponent waiting for him to satisfy himself with a victory. 

In this game I played very badly, and I continued to make mistakes but I held my ground, concentrating on defense and counterattack.  I had my chance when I skewered his king and queen.  That's when the 'disconnect at will' occured.  I thought we will play it out to the end, but some people are just not so good at adapting better ways of playing chess online.


yes I hope they can keep track of those who do this habitually, so that when people choose opponents in the Challenge section, these disconnectors can be avoided.

There was one game where I was winning but I had lost my connectivity and then I lost the game when my pc failed to reconnect to resume the game.  Evidently only losers do this disconnect at will while their connection is good.  Not good etiquette huh.

Anyway, in cases of power shortages resulting to disconnection, it's quite a problem to flag them as their case is legitimate.  Quite difficult to find an algorithm for this but I believe a solution will emerge somehow.