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Do you know some Pal Benko studies?

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    I like Pal Benko but what exactly are you asking about? I have a database of his games.

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    If you are interested in his Endgame studies his column is carried each month in " Chess Life " from the USCF.

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    Benko composed many original studies, but also a great part of his work has been improving existing studies by eliminating "cooks" or just cleaning up the setting, and illustrating theoretical concepts (both of study themes and of chess endings in general).

    A very nice man, as well. 

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    I was playing in the US Open in Omaha in 1959.  I had a poor position but sacked a knight leaving me with a lone king and my opponent with king and bishop and rook Pawn and his bishop was of the wrong color.


    Apparently Paul Benko was watching to see if I would make the sac. He was delighted after I made the sac and told the other player the game is a draw now.

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    I was actually able to resort to that resource twice within the space of a few games! (my last year in the USCF).

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    Here is a study of Pal Benko:


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    Tantale wrote:

    Here is a study of Pal Benko:


    Diabolical!  Cool

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    Here another study of Pal Benko

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    Tantale wrote:

    Here another study of Pal Benko


    Wow, cool!

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    Pal Benko's book "My Life, Games and Compositions" is very intersting.


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