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    I like Chess.com for sure. You've got lots of interesting options such as live chess, tournament, computer chess, ect and nice stuffs such as the articles and blogs of chess experts. All that accessible for free. If you want even more you can always buy a premium membership but the important thing is that it remains accessible for everyone by not forcing you to pay anything.

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    I play mostly online chess (not in this site), but I do play correspondence chess sometimes here and I find it very cool, they give you analyzis board and pre-move with variations, etc.

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    AlCzervik wrote:
    Ubik42 wrote:
    winthorpe3 wrote:

    I like some of the articles and blogs, but I can't actually start a game in the live chess, so that's kind of a big negative.

    No surprise there, Winthorp. If you will check your credit cards, you will see they have been cancelled. Your bank account balance is zero. And you are wanted for drugs and pimping.

    And don't complain about the environment. I am willing to bet a dollar it was in your genes all along.

    Ubik, can't you see he's already in jail? I bet they don't offer free wifi.

    I'll bet you one dollar.

    No, he is out on bail, paid by one of his prostitutes:

    ...and such a promising future he had, in the, er, futures market. tsk.

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    SoccerRussian wrote:
    swiftsaab wrote:

    sure i do

    More enthusiasm, Please!

    nop, thats the best i can do

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    1millionbucks wrote:


    why not?

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    why 1mil

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    you can disable it.

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    chess.com is awesome !!

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    TacticalSymphony wrote:

    The complete and total lack of moderation on the site is making me start to again question that $14.99 diamond price tag.

    Why would you expect moderation among extreme chess players?


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