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Does strategy mean anything in 10:0, 15:10 games?

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    So apparently people say rapid games are just tactics... and strategy is really minimal... but then people also say tactics flow from a superior position..... so doesn't that contradict?

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    "Rapid" is technically 25 minute, but it is the same.  It is true that most games at 10, 15, or 25 minute are won on tactics, it is because one side overlooked a simple threat, not because of some inherent advantage.

    In fact, fast chess cuts the time for calculation, which is important for complicated tactics, so you will score better by playing with proper strategy for the structure while your opponent lets his time tick away looking for tactics that aren't there.

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    so are you saying strategy is important? it seems in the first half of your post you imply strategy isn't important, but then in the 2nd half you suggest the opposite. 

    im considering not even bothering reading the middle game books i have (reasses your chess, my system) and just spending all my chess studying time on tactics problems

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    I thought that all the moves that don't directly relate to tactics are considered strategical moves.

    And whenever I think stuff like: "Now I shall concentrate my pieces on the King side and then push it down" or "I have a passed pawn, now let's try to force the opponent to sacrifice a piece to kill it" that kinda counts to strategy.

    And since I certainly think stuff like that in my usual 15|10's I cannot really agree on the topic.

    I mean "Development", "Pawn-Structure", "Outposts", "Space-Advantage", "King Safety" that's all strategic and certainly gets considered by most players even in shorter time-controls.


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