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Doping in Chess

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    apiercy wrote:

    Chess doping? Really? Pls supply me with a list of substances that make me smarter!!

    A man was watching a guy chewing apple's seeds.

    - what are you doing?

    - I'm chewing apple's seeds.

    - Why?

    - They make me smarter.

    - That's great! Give me five seeds.

    - I'll sell you five seeds for 50$

    The man eventually bought the seeds and started to chew them with great passion... After a while

    - Hey guy! I bought five seeds for 50$. If I had bought 50$ of apples I'd have had many more seeds!!!

    - Hey man, you look smarter now!

    - You're right! They worked!! Sell me another five seeds!

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    Yes please.

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    Must remember to eat more apple seeds! 

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    Doping to chess is like Red Bull to Nakamura... Inevitable... learn to live with it!

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    There's a very, very fine line between just enough sacred herb and, unfortunately, definitely too much..

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    TheMoonwalker wrote:

    Yesterday, after the Kramnik - Carlsen game, both athletes had to go through a doping test.

    It's part of what FIDE has decided because they have to do it in order to get chess in the olympics. 

    Is really doping tests neccessary in chess? Magnus said it was a waste of time :P

    Doping gives you an unfair advantage over your opponets, so you must be checked.


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