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    I would appreciate if I was offered a draw how would I accept it???


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    Sorry what is poop???

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    You'll get an alert when offered a draw... that's where I notice them anyway.  Off to the right of the site there is an Alert box with things like new messages or when it's your turn in a game.

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    Great. Thanks for that. I can see how to offer a draw no problem but was looking all  over the place for where to accept button. 

    You would think they would put a buton there like the button offering a draw. Just a piece of code. 

    A very important button so hard to find???

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    Oh, also I think the "offer draw" button will turn into an "accept draw" button if there is an offer... it's been a while since I played turn-based so it might have changed... that's how I remember it though.

    In case you didn't know, if they offer a draw and you move it automatically declines the offer and your opponent will have to send another.

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    Thanks you have been of great help


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