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Drug Testing in competitive Chess

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    Kphlash wrote:

    So the FIDE is run by mormon's now? I understand the thought behind it, but it is absolutely retarded. If they have ADD, they get a prescription for Adderol, Riddlin, etc. so if they fail for those, all they have to do is show the Rx. If they get a Dr. to sign off on it (really not hard to get diagnosed with ADD/ADHD to get the meds) they are in the clear... I have read about too much caffine being "illegal" in the higher lvls, but there are several things in energy drinks/suppliments that they really cant regulate. And if it's in an over the counter suppliment, and they say its "illegal" for the player, they can easily get sued. Same with adderol and other Rx drugs. The only way to tell if they are using it at the tournament would be a blood test, otherwise the drugs could be in their system for any number of days/weeks/months, and wouldnt be applicable. 

    Again, its stupid- If they use these things to study- then the FIDE has nothing to say, but if they use it in a game- the FIDE - is going to ban them or something? And if they are doing urinalysis, they will pull up stuff from the night before, and if I have a tournament im cramming the day/night before- drinking coffee etc. and you can be sure im having some coffee in the morning ( i have several cups every morning anyways) so... I don't get it...

    From what people say about memorization studies, it seems farfetched that you would have many if any players who are really good chess, that would have a problem with any of those drugs, because people who take them don't ever get that good.

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    Seriously, if you win a tournament while high on pot, your prize should be doubled.

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    When I was in middle management at a Fortune 500 company nearly 30 years ago, I was in the men's room when my immediate supervisor came in and used the adjacent urinal.  He asked me, "What would you think if we instituted drug testing?"

    I replied, "Hell, I'll piss on your leg right now, if you like!"


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    TheGrobe wrote:

    Seriously, if you win a tournament while high on pot, your prize should be doubled.

    Considering it can highten your awareness, while causing you to have an unusual conjuction of stored information in your brain cells, as your brain attempts to save the information from dying cells, it can potentially help you. However, it contributes to a loss of cells and an unnatural network of synapses that make thinking and recalling information more difficult in the long run, hence the condition commomly referred to as "burn out". So it will not help you in the long run. It probably won't help you the first 5 to 10 times you use it either, until you get used to functioning with it's effects.

    I am speaking from personal experience and scientific evidence. So don't waste your time with the pseudo-educated crap again. I loved using it to get " in the zone" for many of my favorite activities.

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    I wasted 20 years of my life in a semi-permanent haze - I don't mean used for 20 years, I mean for 20 of the years I used it was heavy.  I really dont recommend it nor do I think it helps chess.  My memory has deteriorated over the years and I tend to play systems to compensate rather than learn openings which I will still forget, despite having given up drug use a while back.  Anyone who really wants to enjoy their chess will stay clear of heavy or long-term drug use.

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    nameno1had wrote:
    ...don't waste your time with the pseudo-educated crap again.

    Just highlighting this unprovoked swipe (and quoting it, since you're wont to retroactively edit when called out on something) so that the next time you're running around the site claiming that you're persecuted we can both (all) reflect on this moment.

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    TheGrobe wrote:
    nameno1had wrote:
    ...don't waste your time with the pseudo-educated crap again.

    Just highlighting this unprovoked swipe (and quoting it, since you're wont to retroactively edit when called out on something) so that the next time you're running around the site claiming that you're persecuted we can both (all) reflect on this moment.

    I find it interesting with respect to that particular post you are still sniveling about it. I had a particular theme in mind that was't necessarily wrong. I realized something could be added to it, but doing so did violate one of the ideas in it. I didn't catch that the way I worded it would be contradictory until about 30 seconds later you pointed it out.

    In technicality (which you were quick to make sure the world noticed) it was slightly contradictory, but in spirit it wasn't. Having a small amount of caffiene isn't generally considered using drugs or being a problem for passing a drug test. It was all I was advocating. So after seeing your reply was unquoted, I thought you deserved a little retro payback for your other @$$holi$hness...glad you enjoyed it....it was my pleasure

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    Caffeine regulated? No! Yell

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    LSD=chess steroids. And it doesnt end at chess. Sad that psychedelics are stigmatized in the way they are. The potential benefit is so great.

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    twighead wrote:

    LSD = chess steroids

    From personal experience I will agree with this to a point, but I will also disagree for a few other reasons. I think it would be more like shooting dice than a predictable result.

    I noticed my attention to detail was enhanced, my ability to concentrate, though was subject to change without prior notice, was otherwise impervious. My will to accomplish anything I set my mind to was animalistic, if I was pushed to that point.However, my mood was much more easily swayed and my desire to control my urges due to my mood, weren't dependent on my perception of the consequences, but instead on how I felt.

    Some of those things aren't exactly what I would refer to as performance enhancing effects. I would be much more likely to start staring at something more interesting than chess pieces and run out of time. Or I would probably become annoyed at having to wait, in my sped up state of mind and in my agitation make bad moves.

    If my opponent did anything to rile me up, that would of most likely resulted in a DQ for me. I would be asked to leave, maybe even by the police if I was on enough of it. For some reason fighting seemed appealing to me on acid, but not always. Being alone or with someone else who was at peace was ok, but if I was in any situation with tension, it stirred up the desire to be violent. Chess can be a quite tense affair. I am sure the tension in the air at a tournament could maybe be cut with a knife. I can't say that from experience, but I can certainly imagine it. That isn't the ideal environment for someone on LSD. Food for thought, for anyone thinking they will experiment and then go to a tourney on it. You could have a bad trip and that wouldn't be cool.

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    Sol_Rosenberg wrote:

    I think this issue needs to be taken up with FIDE. The idea of consensual crimes is a joke. What if chess players formed a political action committee, or constituted a voting bloc? We must fight for the right to have trace, or extremely high levels of THC in our pee without fear of the draconian overlords of FIDE coming down on our heads. Let's organize against this policy that makes criminals out of innocent people. If we could get a million chess players marching on Washington, how great would that be? The Parham contingency could be its Black Bloc. What do you all think? Let's show 'em we're not the wimps, dorks, geeks, and dorky geeks people have claimed we are...

    Anywhere it is illegal, you aren't going to get much support. If you were some place like Amsterdam, you would suddenly have a leg to stand on. It is always going to be difficult for any institution to turn a blind eye to the use of illegal substances by its members,patrons, associates and etcetera.

    You would have to somehow get FIDE to agree to holding tournaments in Amsterdam and somehow use legal leverage by citizens of there, or another possibility would be those who have prescribed marijuana to file some sort of discrimination suit against FIDE. Pretty much anything outside of that and you might as well spit in the wind.

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    metal dectectors would make sense to check 4 computers

    but testing isnt the way to promote chess to make it recognized as an olympic sport

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    I will say this.  There is a drug that I believe would definitely make certain chess players play much better than usual.  Amphetamine Salts used for ADHD would severely improve certain players awareness and alertness on the board.  It would put them into a type of tunnel vision where nothing around them matters.  I have done them before, not for chess.  It has drastically improved any game I played that had any strategy involved so I believe it would help my chess.  I just don't believe in doing that with a competitive game against humans.  Try it against a computer and see if you don't perform better.

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    If you've played a 5-game/one day or 3-game long-time-limit OTB tournament, you should know how drained you feel at the end.  I've TD'd high school tournaments where, after 5 regular-rating games, a 5 minute unrated blitz playoff was required to break a tie for a trophy and one of the players would be too tired to see straight and get mated in 10 moves.

    So alertness -above and beyond what caffeine can do- can be the benefit of drug use and obviously is unfair.

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    Drug use is definitely unfair.  In any sport.  They work differently on people and trust me, if I took certain things my chess rating would rise because there are benefits to taking certain things especially with a game like chess where situational awareness is key.  Drug tests should never be ended in the game of competitive professional chess.

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    I actually play much better after I smoke some weed.it relaxes me, I concentrate better, and I see beautiful combinations easily that would normally take a little extra time to see sober

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    isn't a bunch of this Thread Against the rules?

    I mean,  "drug TESTING" is a recurrent subject at chess.com and no big deal.  but you guys are talking about taking Illegal, illicit drugs.... how is that allowed?


    other discussions of doing ILLEGAL things are quickly locked?


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    They can lock it then.  Big deal.


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