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En Passant

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    Funny story... many years back when I was a beginner to chess... I was playing a computer and doing ''good'' (probably not too great, but good at the time) and I thought I had a solid pawn offense going... I said to myself I'll finally beat the damn computer... then the computer performed the ''En passant''.. my jaw dropped... I thought the damn computer cheated or had an error in the program... read up on the computer program I was playing against at the time in the FAQ and sure enough the ''En passant''move was in there, read more up on chess about it and learned what it was. I don't think most beginners know about that move... I sure didn't, at the time I was learning how to play chess.

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    Whenever these threads pop up I always think of this image... I couldn't actually find this image, so I had to go make it just now lol


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    ^Because I'm Rick James, B*****!

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    I think I'll just post this in any topic I'm tired of reading/responding to Laughing.

    At least it seems like a good idea right now while I'm tired.

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    jetfighter13 wrote:

    Often taking en passent is not the best move, this game I played OTB at school today is a great example


    Your gameplay is very good jetfighter13 but I don't get why your opponent didn't take the b pawn with the rook after 35. b5+ that would at least give him some hope.......

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    nice use of zugzwang too jetfighter13

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    Mastafade wrote:

    @kgwkyle Socrates wasn't an actual philosopher, he was a character made by Plato and used in his literature. Though I suppose there is the interpretation that Socrates was Plato's teacher, and Plato was simply putting down written word of what his teacher was saying.


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    I see pictures; what we need to do to get people to do things... write what you want done, then get a clip of Chuck Norris saying that he approves this message lol


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