Fair Play Policy


Here I would like to congratulate praise the chess.com for its fair play policy. I play on different sites on internet but this was really the nice experience here. To tell you the truth I like to play long live chess of 20 to 30 minutes because my eye sight is weak and am very old. I hasitatingly started the first live long game and praying in my heart that disconnection should not happen. The game started and within 10 minutes I trapped the opponent's queen. As you know I can not let off a lose move by opponent. And suddenly seeing the defeat is coming my opponent disconnected inadvertantely. At this time I thought that I should have to wait for  long to get a win but thanks to chess.com's fair play policy that they immideiately declared me a victor. Thanx again for so nice attitude. Even they said that they will punish the offender of fair play. Nice to see all this. Thanx again


@OP: I'm glad to learn the experience of someone who has benefited from the Fair Play Policy! I hope you continue to have positive experiences.