Favourite board game other than chess?


Soccer is a board game!

kco wrote:

Isn't  Othello a brand name for the game called Reversi ?

I don't know for sure. I saw Othello first. I am pretty sure they have the same exact rules. This does lend to the idea that Othello is a more modern version, as well as, the brand name.

AndTheLittleOneSaid wrote:


Darts is a really cool board game and I missed it entirely. Cricket, cut throat or regular...back in the day, I could even go for dollar closest to the bull.


Darts is a board game? Cricket?


Dartboard ? :)

TMIMITW wrote:

Darts is a board game? Cricket?

Cricket is a darts game. And of course darts is a board game. Sure as hell ain't a sport....


Right. Othello is the name the Pressman Toy Corp. used to market Reversi.


Well  i made up a five way chess board, so 5 people could play. was a hell of a laugh with a few beers, just two rules, 1) there was no checkmate , but there was check. 2) when your king was the only thing standing you were out. don't have the board anymore, was made up of cardboard.. got the idea from a market stall. this guy was trying to sell a threeway version. and i though "shit" what if i could have all four of me mates playing..(that was 20 years ago.)


Nobody mentioned Trivial Pursuit...Surprised




I forgot about Trivial Pursuit, I haven't played for a while. Do you know any websites to play online?


Pogo.com does have a huge playing room for Trivial Pursuit.


Axis and Allies. I love to play this game. It's just so fun. Using one man to wipe out EVERYTHING because of rolling high numbers (makes you wanna go to Vegas). And it doesn't take a long time to get started.


Thanks I will check Pogo out.

Estragon wrote:

People keep suggesting Risk.

Note sure if you saw my initial reply to you on page 2:

eatingcake wrote:

I don't really agree. When you have skilled players it comes down to diplomacy, which can make the game pretty damn complex. To mention just one thing, you often have to figure out how to economically place your forces when the balance of power is unclear and you're not sure who's friend or foe. IMO even one unskilled player makes the game unsatisfying since he usually ruins it. Most of the time it's someone who's easily manipulated.

I think Risk strategy is as complicated as the players want to make it. Just Google the site  "Total Diplomacy" where this guy runs through a lot of the basic ideas.


HEX, a great game: http://www.mattesmedjan.se/hexilla/