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FIDE World Blitz Chess Championship

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    Ok, he and Mamedyarov drew. Nemo96, please quit being a troll.

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    He only lost once?!

  • #83

    Nakamura is also over 2900. Yeah he only lost once, the only annoying thing is that i can't find a final standings on the official site, it only shows it up until round 20.

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    Carlsen scored +13 in 21 rounds in the toughest blitz World Championship ever, quite impressive considering that a strong blitz player like Karjakin didn't reach a plus score and finished 61st.

  • #86

    Karjakin lost well over 100 rating points between this and Norway chess.....A rather disapointing drop from #2 to #24.

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    Nepo 2nd in the Blitz for 2nd year in a row.

  • #88

    Aronian is Carlsen's best friend! To start with he didn't beat Carlsen when he had a maybe not winning but definately much better position. And secondly he went and beat Carlsens closest opponent Ian the Russian (don't ask me to spell his last name!). 

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    CP, say Nepo, much easier. ;)

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    2012 World Junior Chess Champion Alexander Ipatov  finished 80th with 9.5 points.

  • #91

    You can really see there is no love lost between Carlsen and Nakamura. Carlsen shook Nepo's hand after his last game, but just walked by Nakamura. Also, during the post tournament press conference, Carlsen mentioned some of his "tough cometition" but never mentioned Nakamura. And then there was Naka's comment a few months ago. (Don't remember the exact quote so I won't post, maybe someone else can find it.)

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    MSC157 wrote:

    CP, say Nepo, much easier. ;)

    Back already? Yes, chess can be addictive! ;-)

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    WalkontheWildSide, yeah, but Nepo (thanks MSC!!) is one of magnus's good friends, as is (i think) Levon Aronian. These players usually are friendly with one another with a few exceptions (Naka-Carlsen with some tension or Kramnik-Topalov)

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    Yeah, Naka:

    And Carlsen's reply on his AMA:

  • #95

    Its not even an insult... silly Magnus

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    MSC157 wrote:

    He started higher than others too. However, those rating changes are quite hilarious.

    Since the blitz and live ratings are very recent, they are not yet stabilised. When they will have play a few dozens games, the K-factor will be reduced (or at least it should. With FIDE you can never know.)

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    bowlerivory wrote:

    And Carlsen's reply on his AMA:

    Yes! thank you, that's the comment I was referring to. And Carlsen one-upped Naka with his reply to Naka's comment.

    Carlsen is better than Nakamura at chess and banter!

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    By the way everyone, the fide rating calculator puts Carlsens rating performance over his last 30 blitz games (2 tournaments, Norway & Dubai) at 3021. 20 wins, 1 loss, 9 draws vs an average rating of 2736. 


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