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    Elubas wrote:
    madhacker wrote:

    By his reasoning, if I get a gun, go to the zoo, and shoot all the animals, that isn't my fault and doesn't count as animal cruelty, because humans have been conditioned by evolution to kill animals for food.

    Indeed, it depends on how determinist you want to get about this :) "Don't punish me, I can't control who I am!"

    And actually I'm not sure if it's easy to resolve this issue -- how far can you go to rid yourself of responsibility. After all, if you're mentally insane for instance you are treated more leniently. My intuition tells me that somehow, at some extreme, the argument has to break down (yet it's not easy to see the "how").

    I have a thought on this idea.

    I don't care how insane you are, or how unwitingly you do it. If someone was to go on a killing spree for example, I do not care if they are aware of what they are doing, they should be capped.

    If you are a theif, I don't care if you can control it or not, you should be punished.

    If someone fights you, you don't say "well thats your instinct so its okay"

    Can't stand the mamby pamby well little johnny has this so its okay no matter what he does.

    Actions speak for themselves, and controlable or not, all actions have consequences

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    Kasporov_Jr wrote:
    Jion_Wansu wrote:

    What about ladies like Ashley Tapp? Will she be the "next" Magnus Carlsen...









    holy crap fine as hell, need to match her asap


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    TheMushroomDealer wrote:

    It is also possible that most of people here are actually women who pretend to be males and those males who harrass women (5% or something) are the only ´true males` here. 

    This seems likely.

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    "Actions speak for themselves, and controlable or not, all actions have consequences"

    Yeah I mean it's a wise post JGambit. But if I were to play devil's advocate I might just say you are making actions speak for themselves because you simply want them to. Clearly, when comparing the mindset of a murderer who is not very aware of what they are doing, compared to the mindset of one who is aware of what they are doing but just doesn't care, these two murderers are not equally bad/apathetic. So it would be a bit dishonest to pretend this kind of mitigation factor doesn't exist, even if it's unclear as to how much it applies or should apply.

    I can certainly think of scenarios in which I wouldn't see the negativity of someone even if they did something that resulted in a bad outcome. If a person does some normal thing and by some coincidental chain reaction someone ends up dying, I wouldn't think the mindset of the person who "caused" it was any different from that of a normal person, but rather, the uncontrollable circumstances surrounding that person would be different. But circumstances don't have character traits.

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    Elubas wrote:

    We've had a pretty tragic example of this in the news in the last few days with the pilot intentionally crashing the plane.

    Whilst clearly what he did was inexcusable and killed a lot of people, it's clear to me that the airline has to be held responsible as well for either not knowing or not caring that he was mentally ill.

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    What happens when a girl enters a room full of boys? the balance of the ecosystem will be broken haha. This is kinda what's happening to this site. We men are so desperate for women, espescially when you both have similarities (which is chess). It can't be avoided, For girls, this site is like their "fishing with compliments and attention" site (Not all girls though, i think just 50% of them). Their profiles are filled with pictures and many creeps post notes at her home page. Peace and kudos to you brothers. ^^

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