For all you OTBers


Do you find that playing the 3d boards help your live games?


well ... i find it hurts my online play! :P ... but I'm counting on it helping my OTb or I wouldn't be wasting my rating :P


I really don't believe that they can help at all.

The 2D diagram style is better, since your brain already knows those from puzzles, chess books, et cetera. 3D boards aren't like real boards (it's still a screen), I think they're just a 3rd completely different way of looking at a chess board.


Imho 2D boards are much better, although switching from online play to real can sometimes be not that easy - you lose the feeling of pieces.


I don't believe 3D computerized boards are as good as 2D, but I prefer OTB any day of the week. It gives me a psychological advantage, as you will.