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Fritz 16

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    I've been using Fritz 16 this week. My only issue so far has been that sometimes the kibitzer will blank out.


    I prefer the interface of 16 over 15, it feels cleaner. I need to use it much more though before I could give a more detailed review but at the moment I don't really see THAT much of a difference from Fritz 15, so whether it is worth getting if you already have 15 is hard to call. If you have 15 maybe wait for a sale (I got it with the 25% launch discount). 

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    Fritz16 wants to replace files used by outlook.

    why? is it safe? will outlook stop working properly? 

    same for snagitsad.png


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    @daviad I've no idea. There were no conflicts for me when I installed Fritz 16. I'd email ChessBase support and let them know.

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    daviad wrote:

    Fritz16 wants to replace files used by outlook.

    why? is it safe? will outlook stop working properly? 

    same for snagit


    Probably dll files. (dynamic link libraries) Programs often use the same dll files. I think they must add to the current dll because this happens so often. 

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    I bought Fritz and I can't figure out how to do something as simple as saving a game in progress, and then later resuming it with the proper time remaining on the clock. When I reopen the game to resume, the clock is reset back. The remaining time for both sides doesn't seem to get recorded when you save the game. Or is there something I'm missing?

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    Well it's on my wish list for Christmas. I hope they get some of the bugs worked out.


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    As far as I could figure out, there was a limitation in Fritz 15, which was not in certain earlier versions of Fritz, and I am wondering if the limitation is still in Fritz 16.


    The limitation is, if you play a game against an engine, while telling the Fritz engine, or another Engine with ELO as a settable option, to play at that settable ELO, then you can't throw on a Kibitzer.

    (The cause of this is that in Fritz 15, the UCI engine parameter representing ELO to limit to, is kept out of user control as engine properties, and can only be set in "Rated Game" and "Friend Mode".  But those modes don't allow you to throw on a kibbitzer.   And actually, for that matter, certain other stuff, like "threatened squares" are not available in these modes.)

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    @SuperIke  I don't think you're missing anything, as I've never been able to do this throughout the versions of Fritz I've owned. This is one reason I continue to use Chessmaster, because of what it offers users who just want to play chess against a computer.

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    PedanticGamer wrote:

    Did Fritz 16 remove the Chat window of Let's Check? I can't find it anywhere. Did they remove this?


    I was wondering the same thing when I got F16.


    It's still there, you need to double-click on the Notation+Book pane's title bar to undock the pane, resize the pane with the mouse, then you'll see a couple of gray dividers with whitish dots in the middle - drag those around to restore the chat window. It seems like by default that window is "minimized", in other words "rolled up".


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