Why I lose to much lower rated player ??

Anteria12 wrote:
Euthyphro399 wrote:

If you lose to a lower rated player is probably because you should be lower rated.

That is probably the dumbest thing I've read today. There are so many other factors that come to play. 

I completely agree with you on this one.. I can play really well against higher rated players.. but when it comes to the majority of the lower rated people in my current rating range.. I get destroyed by their mindless moves. You'd think with my experience I should know how to get around it.. but there's just so much going on that I stop knowing what to do. They don't give a crap about their pawn structure.. or yours, they just take take take.. trade and chase pieces like a rabid dog at a park full of children.. if they catch tunnel vision on a piece, they'll do anything in their power to take it. I often play the sicilian.. or try to anyways. They usually go for the bowdler attack and next thing you know,a random move outside of the book and often I am lost.. Especially when it comes to playing the pirc and they start throwing everything at me mid development *sees that I developed my knight*---*Throws the bishop and a handful of pawns at it*'s insanity! I don't get 400-1000 rated players sometimes (hell, I don't even know where I stand at this point, but I can show a bunch of amazing games of mine to get an idea if necessary) but yeah.. losing to players far below my own rating drives me nuts


You feel that you should never lose to a lower-rated player?

Then you should never win against a higher-rated player, correct? Never. Because that would require him to lose against a lower-rated player (you) which you feel should not happen?