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Give Your Advice to the Beginers Here

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    I am very surprised there is not a "Beginners Forum" here...hence my question. I can safely presume there are a multitude of people just beginning the game and have no experience (like me). All my questions so far have been answered in the most kind and helpful way. I wanted to ask the more senior players or advanced beginners themselves if they had 1,2,3,10, etc. pieces of advice they would give someone new to the game. Something that they wished someone had told them in their first forays as a player.



    As always, thanks!



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    Don't bother learning lots of opening variations yet. Learn basic opening principles and focus on tactics and endgames.

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    Learn basic opening principles and focus on tactics and endgames.

    Yes, repeating binblaster. Because it's what you (and I!) need to do.

    I'll add - don't buy lots of books. Pick carefully, and read it Innocent For a good list, organised by theme and rating, check out NM Dan Heisman's book recommendations.

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    It's a game, have fun.

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    Make sure you know the poisoned pawn variation of the Sicilian Najdorf inside out.

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    1) Don't play too fast

    2) Avoid playing very superfically or use primative strategies and methods that don't work

    3) Play healthy opening systems that work are not unsound and waste time 

    4) Learn chess in a systematic way not in bits and parts some openings, some endings, a bit of this and a bit of that mixed with good and bad advice if your knowledge of the fundamentals  of chess is not solid and half baked your not going to do very well you'll also develop bad habits when you play which will be hard to break even if you hire a teacher for $25 an hour

    5) Avoid playing too much blitz play long time control games 60 minute at least 2 or 3 times a week playing slow games is the only way you'll learn the art of planning and positional play, develop your intuitive powers, learn how to pace yourself and play with patience and discipline, develop good feeling for the squares on the board, develop good playing and thinking habits, develop tactical skills.

    6) Study and master  all the essential endgames that you absolutely must know in Silman's Endgame course and in Lev Alburt and Krogius's book Just the Facts

    7) Choose opponents carefully always try to play against opponents that are better than or at least give you a really tough game and make you work hard avoid opponents that are too easy to beat or play terribly and superfically from the start train hard, study, hard fight hard every game!

    8) Go over your games with stronger players if you're lucky to have a Master or IM have a look at them take advantage of it ask questions and take notes in a book.

    9) Play in simulatenous exibitions against strong players either online or at Chess Clubs you'll learn alot from your losses.

    10) Someone will always know more about Chess than you do every time you think you've got the game all figured out someone will step on your toes and bring you back down to earth no matter how much know or what your rating is accept that don't make excuses or blame anyone else when you lose.


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