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GM Smirnov -GM Courses

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    have anybody tried them actually? www.chess-teacher.com

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    Haven't tried it. I looked at the site and I found it to just be not enough material for the amount of money it costs.

    If you try it, make sure to first create an affliate account under a false name. That way you get 30% of your money back :D.

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    Yes I tried one course ( Grandmaster Secrets)- there was a promotion and I do not remember the exact price but I think I paid around $60 for it.

    The production quality is a little amateurish. The content was pretty good. i think it was about a 2 hour video--I had no problem getting it to work on my Windows 7 machine. The content was good not great--it seeemed almost like the expected knowledge level was fairly high. it was interesting and challenged the way I thought though I think he is too simplistic with rules and then (obvious) exceptions which were not as obvious to me. If you have any other questions about it feel free to ask.

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    I bought some of this guy's courses and they helped me a lot. it's tru he says some obvious things but only because many people ignore these facts. With every courses you get a lot of practical exercises to help you understand what he explained. The Grandmaster secrets is a godd course only if you do everything he says seriously. If you take it as a "joke" it will not work. He teaches simple things because that's what we need. This particular course helps you(it worked for me) to change your way of thinking into a good way of thinking. I do think it's worth 60$. You also get free short lessons by subscribing(free) to his website.

    Gm secrets : http://chess-teacher.com/course#oid=1111_1

    His endgame course is also pretty good but is more expensive.


    Hope this helps pal!

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    I highly recommend his courses.


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