GM Spraggett's book recommendations


People are always asking about books so I thought they might like to see what a known GM recommends as his personal favorites.


Rofl in his fun section, books to never read:

How to become a chess master in 2 days, by Sleez E. Riter


Thats pretty hilarious 'recognition'. Awkwardly, its in the same category as a book by member Eric Schiller.


Chessophiles tend to be a bit snobbish about Eric Schiller. Perhaps his written chess work is suspect to very strong players but I've found great insights that have helped me be reasonably successful when playing mere mortals.


Nice to see Sammy Reshevsky's "Art of Positional Play" get some props.  I've seen it trashed (unfairly IMHO) by several reviewers on this site in part because the reissue in algebraic contains a ton of errors (NOT Sammy's fault).  I've had the book 20 years and always learn something new when I go back to it.


Spraggett loves Lasker's books, not too high on Nimzowitsch tho.


I read his blog a bit...shame he doesn't play in Toronto anymore.