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Good calculation exercise #1

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    I can guarrantee you, most chess players suck at their defensive chess. A lot of it is psychological, but sometimes people just do not like defending, and they have to play passive, and they become impatient. The position below is cool in that, black is up a rook and knight, but his king is obviously placed horribly, can you find the proper defense in this position? There is some contraversy in one of the sidelines.

    It is very hard to calculate all of it in your head.

     Lots of reasoning and some sidelines are stated in the PGN.

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    That was pure torture.

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    I agree, this was complete torture. It tests you to make sure you know which squares are safe for you, and how lucky black is to find a perfect defense.

    I suppose if the king is on h1 to start, black is lost.

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    Good calculation exercise.


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    waffllemaster wrote:
    Good calculation exercise.


    Why are you trolling my thread?

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    Trolling is such a loose term now.  I think it's more of an off topic post.

    Good puzzle though.  You found another instructive position and took the time to show why the other reasonable tries don't work.  I think the first two moves could be found by process of elimination (nothing else is working).  It was hard though, I didn't get all the moves.

    Even harder OTB I think because the clock is ticking and if you screw up in some places there's mate.  And in other lines you can bail out to a worse endgame (but still not dead lost).

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    Why not 37... ke8

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    Jsmucker wrote:

    Why not 37... ke8

    cuz of Qg8 Ke7 Qg7+ and you pick up rook, with a big attack i think, say Qxf6+ next, and black cant afford a non-queen endgame.

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    An exercise should be instructive in some way but it doesn't teach anything except proving the fact that computers are better than humans in calculation

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    it is taking more time to load


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    @maanik Didn't load for me either

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    waffllemaster wrote:
    Good calculation exercise.


    the answer is 64.Is it correct

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    how is mate in one

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    how is mate in one


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