Good News ... I DO NOT Want A Re-match !

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    Thanks for the newest posts,  yes you too Shweta_Beniwal ( I assume that the loser picture was for the people who try to insist on a re-match   rofl ).

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    solskytz wrote:


       ---   That post makes me very nervous. I spent many years working for a major railway and the word " Derailment " is not very popular among railway workers.  

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    but it seems that you did manage to get the thread back on track somewhat...

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    OMG 3years old post Surprised

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    since when you become a forum police ?

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    Thanks for the posts.   [ THE THANKS IS NOT DELETED ]

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    OMG 3years old post 


    some of us enjoy this old thread. if you don't, why do you post?

    my suggestion for you is to start a group for those like you where everyone can tell each other how much they suck.

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. Probably a post from a very young person. In my case 3 years ago seem kinda like last week   lol.

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    Maybe the block is more to do with your tone of language. Just saying.

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    You won't be able to move for members.

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    kaynight wrote:

    You won't be able to move for members.

       ---   I am shocked !!! You mean there might be people involved in Chess who are rather goofy ? Perhaps even unstable ? Unbelievable !

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    No one owes rematches but you get the feeling on that a lot of opponents have the "phew I got lucky that time and don't want to risk another close game." I say this because 99% of the time I do lose my opponent leaves the board about as fast as they can click to do so but when I win the rematch comes up just as fast! It sucks but it is very childish and easy to see. I will almost always give a rematch if it was a close tough game win or lose. If I got blown away or blew my opponent away I move on because at that point there is not much for me to learn from a slaughter that went in either direction.

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    I always try to play eagerly for a rematch so that I can get the front page post in a discussion spearheaded by color neutrality.

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    Thanks for the posts.

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    badenwurtca wrote:
    badenwurtca wrote:
    badenwurtca wrote:

    Just saw another one where they say "You owe a Rematch ". Yes if I go to the Bank and borrow some money then I owe them something, but not a re-match in Chess, No No No   --- 

       ---   Yup someone brought that thread back again. If you borrow money or if you are requested to pay some taxes then you owe something. Otherwise the answer is: NO   NO   NO   NO   ( etc etc ).

       ---   More of the re-match threads on the go again   ---   same answer: NO NO NO    ---                          ---   Yup they are at it again ( SAME answer tho: NO NO NO ---  ).    

       ---   And again: NO NO NO etc.

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