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Greatest Chess Photos

  • #161

    Arpad Elo, inventor of the Elo rating system

  • #162

    The lesser known Polgar brothers

  • #163

    Petrosian & Fischer

  • #164

    Douglas Fairbanks

  • #165
    phishcake5 wrote:


    Bobby visits Mikhail in hospital 1962

     He (B F ) was the only player that did that! No other Soviets came...

    (source : B F goes to war )

    What a great pic, thx 4 sharing!

  • #166

    Joel Lautier and Jan Timman

  • #167

    James Mason (not the chess player) and Shelley Winters in Lolita

  • #168

    Yoko Ono - chess patron

  • #169

    Bertrand Russell

  • #170

    This may jsut be the most spectacular thread going -- keep it going!

    I hear Bono (of U2 and numerous charitable causes) is also master-level.  Any pictures of him -- I realize he's far from a "great" player, but a pic might be neat.


  • #171

    Dustin Hoffman and Susan George learning how to mate

  • #172

    John Wayne

  • #173

    John Wayne played chess ?!  Wonders never cease....

  • #174

    I like that in the Fischer-Petrosian pic, the game hasn't even started and Fischer already looks posssesd.

  • #175

    Marlon Brando playing chess on the set of "The Wild One." A big version of this pic can be found at http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1449564160/tt0047677 .


  • #176

    Last game between these greats, Alekhine and Capablanca. AVRO 1938.

    Alekhine won.


  • #177

    Chess in a military helicoptor.

  • #178

    Here... I found another famous person playing chess: Sinatra versus Karvov

    There is online a list of famous people who play chess, politicians, movie stars, singers and others. Wanna read it? go to: http://www.saintlouischessclub.org/Media/10-Famous-People-Who-Played-Chess.pdf

  • #179

    Here is my list of famous people who play chess


  • #180
    billwall wrote:

    Chess in a military helicoptor.


     Do you have any information on that pic bill (when where ect).

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